About Us

I’m simply a mama who loves Jesus and loves people.

I believe we are meant to call out the gold in people – and so I designed a range to help do just that. To encourage you and those around you to be all that you were created to be.

As a mum to two boys, Josiah and Raphael, I want to see them to grow to be as kind as they are strong, as compassionate as they are fearless, and as loving as they are adventurous – and this was the heart behind our children’s range. Speaking the truth over our kid’s rather than who the world tells them they should be.

I’m married to my best friend and also the inspiration behind a number of the designs in the men’s range – including ‘stronger than the struggle’.

I LOVE twinning with my kids – and hubby when I can rope him in to it! Which is why I created matching tees for the whole fam.

So whether you are in a nursery or a nursing home we have you covered. You are never too young or old to share hope and speak life.

– Lisa xo –